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Valencia, The world Design Capital 2022

Valencia is the eighth city designated as World Design Capital 2022. Located on the southeastern coast of Spain, this city is an important port located in the Mediterranean Sea and has a unique design with a historical background. Valencia is chosen as the design capital of the world for two years. The World Design Capital is determined every two years by the World Design Organization (WDO). This program is dedicated to promoting the design profession worldwide.

WDO aims to recognize cities that use design as a tool to motivate economic, social, cultural and environmental development.


The last cities selected by this organization were Turin, Seoul, Helsinki, Cape Town, Taipei, Mexico City and Lille. An interesting combination of cities that have made design one of the key methods of transformation.
Valencia, as the third most populous city in Spain, will be the World Design Capital for 2022. This title is the beginning of a series of cultural events during the years 2021 and 2022 that will leave a legacy of design in the social fabric of this city and country.
The reason for this choice is the city's long-standing design heritage, which can be cited as a leading example of the useful and strategic use of design for the development of public policy and its impact on industry. Works developed in Valencia over the last hundred years in the fields of design, architecture, interior design and illustration. The amazing infrastructure of this city is towards symbiosis with nature and urban structures.



Valencia's role as the capital of world design, while valuing Spanish design, also acts as an agent of social change and urban innovation.
The idea of ​​this city's candidacy was formed as a project of a comprehensive team consisting of executives, specialists and designers to transfer the initiative to companies and political entities.
Associaciò València Capital del Disseny took charge of the entire project. The project aims to highlight the city's role in its Mediterranean design quality, which expresses various leading values ​​such as participation, happiness, empathy, social justice, gender equality, sustainability and education.