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Iranian winners of Architecture MasterPrize in 2022

The purpose of holding the AMP architecture competition (or Architecture MasterPrize) is to showcase the works of architects from all over the world and appreciate the best works. In this international competition, creativity and innovation in the fields of architecture, interior design and landscape architecture are celebrated. Also, the top designs are published in the AMP Architecture of the Year book, which is distributed globally.

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The selected projects of Iranian architects in the 2022 Architecture MasterPrize global competition are as follows:

  • The project of Hitra office building by Hoba Tarh (Responsible architect: Homan Balazadeh) was selected in the commercial architecture section Commercial Architecture


  • Void+ project by Pousti studio (Responsible architect: Maryam Pousti) selected in the residential architecture section - multi-unit



  • Mayan Villa project by Afshin Khosravian and colleagues (Responsible architect: Afshin Khosravian) selected in residential architecture - single unit and small architecture section



  • The project of a house for two generations by Fazaye Fara Tohi (Responsible Architect: Nima Mirza Mohammadi) selected in the interior part of the apartment



  • Marajan Gallery project by Iman Amin Lari Architecture Studio (Responsible Architect: Iman Amin Lari) selected in the other interior design section



  • Also, in the 2022 Architecture MasterPrize category, Parham Taghiof was selected as the winner in three categories and recognized as a worthy work in one category:



  • And finally, in the 2022 architectural product award section, the Architecture MasterPrize award is also a product of FLOW by Decoz studio (designer in charge: Shahrouz Zamordi) was recognized as the winner in the furniture design category. It should be mentioned that this product has participated in the Architecture MasterPrize 2022 under the category of the United Arab Emirates!