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Using virtual technologies in architectural design

Virtual reality is a kind of technology to create interaction between human and computer, by which complex data is transformed into image, sound and factors of stimulation of a person's senses in order to induce the real presence in the virtual environment. One of the advantages of virtual reality is to use it as a new tool in the field of architectural art to simulate the building before construction. In this way, it is possible to visually and artistically check the proportion used in project design and prevent possible errors during design.



  • In the current research, the importance of synchronizing architectural design with new and efficient technologies such as virtual reality technology has been discussed. Considering the emerging nature of this technology in Iran, it is necessary to know its capabilities and applications in fields such as architecture, which has been less discussed and investigated. The information used to understand virtual reality technology and how to use it in architectural design has been collected through library studies and the analysis of related external sources. Understanding the capabilities and applications of virtual reality, followed by the widespread use of this technology, can bring about a revolution in architecture and design and expand the scope of its use in Iran.
  • The use of this technology by architects is the only way to identify its potentials and shortcomings in the field of architecture and especially interior design. Therefore, the intervention of architects in the improvement and evolution of this technology is necessary, and this will only be achieved by widely introducing virtual reality in the engineering community.