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Selected images of the 2022 architectural photography festival

The selected images will be exhibited at the 2022 World Architecture Festival which will be held from November 30 to December 2 in Lisbon, Portugal, and at the end of the festival, two photos in each section will be announced as winners.

Farshid Mousavi, an Iranian female architect, is among the jury members of the Architectural Photography Awards. It should be noted that Farshid Mousavi is the founder of Farshid Mousavi Architecture Office (FMA) and a postgraduate professor at Harvard University School of Design and a resident of England.



  • At the Architectural Photography Awards, photos are divided into six categories: exterior, interior, sense of place, buildings in use, transportation centers, and bridges. "Architectural photography can enhance our understanding of design, not just document what's there," says Paul Finch, Program Director of the World Architecture Festival.


Architecture photography festival awards

  •     There are three prizes in this competition. The main prize, the portfolio category prize, and the mobile category prize, in which two winners will be announced in each category. In the grand prize, the jury winner will receive $2,000 and the World Architecture Festival (WAF) delegate winner will receive $1,000. The winner of the jury will be on the jury of the 2023 festival.
  •     The Jury Portfolio Winner will receive $750 and the World Architecture Festival (WAF) Delegate Portfolio Winner will receive $250. In the mobile category, the jury winner will receive $150 and the delegate winner will receive $100.
  •     The winners of the Architectural Photography Awards will be announced on the evening of Friday, December 2, 2022 (11 Azar 1401). In the following, you can see the selected images for this festival.


Images of the "Exterior" section

  •     The pictures in the "exterior" section must show the outside of the building. Building form, materials and light quality are considered in this section. The challenge of this single exterior photo is to define the building.




Images of the "Interior" section

  •     The images in the "interior" section should show the inside of the building and communicate effectively with the space. The interior consists of a series of spaces that are punctuated by light and used for a purpose.



Pictures of the "Sense of Place" section

  •     The "sense of place" category should show buildings or spaces in their context and wider environment. Show whether the building is integrated with its surroundings or not. Is the building in the atmosphere, fog or rain? It should be noted that the name of Deed Studio from Iran with a picture of Jedgal Elementary School in Syedbar Chabahar village is visible among the candidates of this section.



Pictures of the "Buildings in use" section

  •     Images of "buildings in use" should show the building and its exterior where people are present. Every building has its own use and the images should combine the activity with the architecture and not deviate from it.




Pictures of the "Transport Centers" section

  •     A hub or transportation center is a place where passengers or cargo are exchanged between vehicles. Public transport hubs include railway stations, rapid transit stations, bus stations, tram stations, airports and ferries, and can also extend to car parks, bicycle and scooter facilities.




Pictures of "Bridges" section

  •     Pictures must be taken with a mobile phone or tablet. A bridge is a structure built to cross a physical barrier (such as water, ravine, road, or railroad) without blocking the road below.