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The Inside Home

Name: The Inside Home/
Location: Amameh village, Lavasan, Tehran, Iran /
Architecture firm: Olgoo Co.
Mehran Khoshroo
Design team: Reyhane Miraftab, Samin Mostafaei, Niloofar Esmaeili, Soroosh Zeidanian, Bita Aboutalebi/
Date: 2017-2021/
Built area: 3900 sqm/
Built area: 335 sqm
Civil engineer: Afshin Masoudi
Pedram Ahmadi
Electrical: Kamran Naraghipour
Executive manager: Farid Behbahani
Graphic: Mahsa Esmaeili
Executor of concrete structure: Nima Jar'rah Bashi/
- 1st place, single residential category, Memar Award 2023
- Finalist, WAF award, 2022
- Finalist Dezeen award, 2023
Deed studio, Mohammad Hassan Ettefagh/

One of the problems with suburbanization in Iran is unauthorized development, which leads to the widespread destruction of gardens and the creation of dense structures within them. On the other hand, inflation and an inefficient economy make construction more profitable under any circumstances, gradually shifting the typology from villas to apartments.

The strategy of the project is to submerge into the depth of the earth and eliminate the building from the density equation, perhaps as a critical reaction to the surrounding cliché of absolutism, while simultaneously being protected from the dominance of invasive structures.

By separating the components of the program; in this residence, people are allowed to experience another way of collective living that enables them to confront the nature that has been rejected by the city. Therefore, three separate caves, each 70 square meters, have been excavated around a central pit in the ground to meet the needs of this residential camp. The first cave includes bedrooms, the second is for living, and the third contains a water pool and facilities.

The proposed tectonics rely on raw materials and a non-urban lifestyle in search of a different living experience. We hope that by proposing a building model adjacent to nature, an alternative for construction in the remaining gardens of the region has been provided for the increasing number of applicants for these lands, to initiate a movement from personal benefit to collective benefit in the absence of a stable local law.