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4soo gallery

Name: 4soo gallery/
Location: Unit 360, Mica mall, Abshar sq, Kish Island, Hormozgan Province, Iran/
Architecture firm: Hoorshid Architects/
Architect: Mehrasa Chamani/
Design team: Fatemeh Karimi
Date: 2021-2022 /
Built area: 270 sqm/
Type: Interior design/
Electrical: Ali Mardani
Mechanical: Ali Moharrami
Lighting: Nooraneh Company
Construction: Hoorshid Architects
Executive manager: Kaveh Khatibi
Executive team: Ali Eshtiaghi, Nadia Rezaie, Roya Rastin
3D render: Fatemeh Karimi /
Graphic: Mahsa Rajabpour, Ehsan Frouzideh/
Photos: Deed Studio/
Budget: 85000 USD
Client: Pars Mica Kish, Mr.Keshtkar
Award: 2nd place, Architecture and interior architecture award, 2022

Mica Mall commercial-recreational complex is under construction for various facilities. The architects and builders of its units must follow the regulations acceptable for architecture construction laws, electrical and mechanical standards and the fire department. Architects and designers who wished to make changes should consider all the mentioned regulations. Unit 360 covering 270sq m is located in the Iranian corridor dedicated to Iranian traditional carpets. In our approach we had this goal in mind to take these precious traditional products out of the usual old school settings and presents their artistic value in a more contemporary and modern setting by keeping the cultural values and architecture in mind.

With paying attention to the speed of the growth of Iranian Architecture in contemporary designs, we set a go to use traditional architecture as an inspiration to create a bridge between the past and present. Without any doubt, in the mind of each individual there are nostalgic imagery of the past that subconsciously collide the present with the past. The concept of nostalgia giving us a sense of belonging to places that we are familiar with.

In this project three main spaces, where considered one for management and the other two for entrance and galleries. Due to the geometry of our space, we allocated the space with the most depth to the galleries and the two separated parts are designed for the main entrance and the VIP section. To strengthen this sense, we used the elements present in the architectural design of the corridor to create a more inviting and relatable atmosphere by using “CHARTAGHI “(curved ceiling).

Along with adding the red color for it is the symbolic color for Persian rugs. In the gallery section by raising the ceiling and using the color gray combined with the reduction of lights we created a museum like atmosphere to specifically attract the eyes of the customers to the carpets.

This gallery is a combination of three sections, the first gallery is named “SHAH-NESHIN”, it is designed with handmade tiles, adjacent to the markets window which are made of colored glass and wood with the proper furniture we can host the special customers.

After passing by the “GOSHVAREH” (corridors) with translucent bodies we reach the second gallery which is called “GOSHVAREH ROOM” and finally, we reach the last gallery that has traditional rug weaving board which is made of red cables as a reminder of the Iranian carpet origins, the room’s name is "TORANJ".