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J. Mayer H. Architects Wins Competition to Design Water-Inspired "Cheongdam Tower" in Seoul, South Korea


J. Mayer H. Architects has just won the competition for their “Cheongdoam Tower” design in Seoul. As part of the Seoul City Urban/Architecture Creation/Innovation Design Project contest, the competition was initiated by the city of Seoul, aiming to enhance urban qualities and improve the quality of life for residents. Chosen from numerous submissions and six shortlisted projects, Cheongdam Tower emerged victorious.



The name “Cheongdam” means clear water, embodying purity and a natural living environment. Drawing inspiration from the elemental flow of water, the design of the scheme boasts organic movement and symbolizes natural cycles essential for growth and culture. In fact, the use of water and the integration of greenery are essential to Cheongdam Tower’s development. Featuring flowing, organic lines, with green terraces and a protective facade mimicking the ripples of water, the structure creates a “living, breathing organism within the urban landscape.”

The tower features winding paths through open green spaces with water features. Additionally, the paths include cultural event spaces and commercial zones that are embedded within the scheme. Offering views of the city and the Han River, these paths form newly created public spaces, serving as peaceful oases in the busy city. The design also seeks to provide a backdrop that is ideal for the documentation of K-culture, broadcasting the latest trends globally.

Boasting a unique sculptural form, The Cheongdam Tower is a green structure that looks organically evolved. Acting as a distinctive focal point in the urban landscape, it is clad in a thin protective louver. The tower is set to become the center of Korean fashion and K-culture in Seoul, showcasing a contemporary lifestyle that combines nature, culture, and high-end living. Additionally, it is designed to be a landmark in Seoul’s skyline, attracting international appeal.



Seoul is the largest metropolis in Korea, featuring modern skyscrapers, high-tech subways, and expressions of Korean pop culture. Recently, UNStudio unveiled the proposal for a “Peace Park Wheel” in Seoul. Similarly, Herzog & de Meuron has just revealed the design for the Seoripul Open Art Storage, a collective archive space that will serve three renowned museums in Seoul. Finally, Foster + Partners recently debuted their first-ever exhibition in Korea at the Seoul Museum of Art, making it a significant moment for the studio and its relationship to South Korea.