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The Firouzeh House (Turquoise House)

Name: The FIrouzeh House (Turquoise House)/
Location: Malek alley, Shahid Beheshti street, Arak, Markazi province/
Architecture firm: Arian Pajouhan Pars/
Architects: Farhad Mirzaie
Design team:

- Facade: Mahziar Taghavi- Hamidreza Gholami- Sajjad Saeedi
- Interior: Fatemeh Mirzabeigi
- Drafting: Negin Akbari
Date: 2021-2023 /
Site Area: 210 sqm
Built area:
 815 sqm
Type: Residential/
Executive managers: Erfan Navazeni – Ehsan Navazeni
Farhad Mirzaie, Erfan Navazeni, Ehsan Navazeni
3D and Model: Mahziar Taghavi, Fatemeh Mirzabeigi, Hamidreza Gholami, Sajjad Saeedi
Graphic: Mahziar Taghavi
Materials: Concrete structure, Brick, Steel, Granit stone, Thermowood
Clients: Erfan Navazeni, Ehsan Navazeni
Photos: Mohammad Hassan Ettefagh/
Budget: 240,000 USD/

More than 5000 years of history of Iranian architecture proves that brick has been the most important material used by Iranians. It is safe to say that Iran's civilization could not survive without bricks due to its natural and climatic conditions. Despite the abundance of stone quarries, people realized the importance of bricks in achieving sustainable conditions in architecture and urban development. But unfortunately, in recent decades, the growth of technology and advanced stone cutting devices and cheap energy costs in Iran has caused the mushroom growth of unidentified stone buildings in Iranian cities. The destruction of stone mines, the increase in air and environmental pollution, the increase in fuel consumption, etc., are today among the important effects of large-scale production and use of stone in Iran.

We believe that the use of bricks in architecture, in addition to providing the goals of sustainable architecture, also leads to the revival of the history and identity of Iranian architecture and culture. Therefore, even though our clients put a lot of emphasis on "stone", we try to encourage them to use "brick" in their projects.

 "The Firouzeh (Turquoise) House"

This project, which was previously designed by another group and its structure was also implemented, was entrusted to our office for a general revision and design of the exterior facade and interior.

In this project, unlike our other projects, the client was sympathetic from the beginning, and one of his conditions was to use brick as the main facade material. In fact, this project is the result of the effort and participation of the architect and its client to have an architecture "with Iranian identity" and at the same time "modern and contemporary". In this project, in addition to bricks as the main materials, we also used barite turquoise stone and wood to remind Iranian architecture. (In Iranian architecture, earth-colored brick was used as a symbol of the earth, and glazed brick (tile) or turquoise stone was used as a symbol of the sky. Wood was also used in the construction of doors and windows or some other decorations).

The ground floor of this project has been designed and implemented as a parking and storage, and the upper floors of 4 residential units, and the roof as a "roof garden" according to urban planning standards.